VCM is structured to be highly collaborative, intentionally. We believe operating in this manner gives each partner opportunity to leverage its best strengths against those of the collective group. The metaphor of a one body with many members is appropriate. Various Churches, community organizations and campuses organizations come together to create a collaborative that serves the kingdom of God well.


Within the epic narrative of redemption we see the grand story of the Father and find our place within it.. Together we equipping students to ask, what does it look like for the glory of God to reign in this context? Then thinking critically about how to manifest the Image of God within it. No cookie cutter methodology but creative demonstration of the Imago Dei.

Church INtegration

We seek to lift up the local church leadership and influence. Together we aim to place the concept of discipleship within the larger narrative of the body of Christ. Your partnership with VCM is an affirmation of the leadership of the local church. We exist to serve and support healthy congregational life.